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I work with clients across the spectrum, from big corporates to small start-ups on their way to big things, global agencies through to one-man bands. 

Here's what they have to say. 

"Ettie is first class. In her own league.


When you hire someone, you can never be sure if they are going to be good or not, so there’s always a reservation. The quality of Ettie’s previous work and our initial call were enough to convince me from the start because she’s amazingly easy to talk to. She makes the experience of explaining complicated and heavy topics very simple, and can pull real insight from casual conversation. 


I wanted someone who could translate the ideas we had into insightful content for our audience, and that’s exactly what Ettie did. She helped us create a high value blog that has attracted a lot of attention, and has helped us and our tutors to communicate more effectively with our community.  


Content takes time and effort to get right, no matter who you work with, but if you make the commitment to work with Ettie you will not be disappointed."

Johnny Meagher

Sales, LearnSignal

"Ettie’s brilliant – hire her! Seriously, the only criticism I have is that I wish she had fewer clients so she could work with me more ☺ She understood what I was trying to say straight away and translated that onto the page, which built our brand and generated awareness of TSE as thought-leaders. Great stuff!"

Regan George

Co-Founder & CEO, The Social Effect

"A colleague recommended Ettie and I’m grateful he did. Her quality of writing is much higher than any other copywriter we’ve worked with. She really does have a flair for the written word, and her passion shines through. She’s a joy to work with too, always friendly and professional. 


Working with Ettie has freed up my time to work on other projects, so I can get more done for more clients. Her work is always good enough to post on any external website we’re targeting, so she’s helped me keep my own clients happy. It’s been good for business! 


Just about anyone with a computer claims to be a copywriter these days, but the quality of Ettie’s work speaks for itself. She outshines her competition every time. If you’re looking for a freelance copywriter, I vouch for Ettie."

Kayleigh Thomas

SEO & Digital Content Marketer

"Ettie is whirlwind of productivity and organisation. She is immensely talented and a true professional and it has been a pleasure working with her. Ettie headed up content at We Are Models but her invaluable contribution extended beyond her responsibilities. She has fantastic ideas, enormous insight and bundles of commercial nous. 

I would (and do) recommend her to any growing company."

Emily Fisher

Co-Founder, We Are Models

"I hired Ettie to write a social media proposal for me, because I don’t have enough time to do it myself, and I thought others would produce a more skilled result. I was spending too much time writing proposals, and not enough time on the actual work or sales. Both conversions and customer service weren’t getting enough attention. 


I chose Ettie because she’s very conversion-focussed and I liked her style. I know she has HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing qualification too, which added weight.  


Ettie’s quote was higher than other copywriters I’d asked, but I decided to give her a go because I wanted a high-quality outcome. It was clear from the first time we spoke that Ettie always added value. 


I wasn’t expecting her to give input into so many other areas, like my T&Cs and the design/styling of my proposal.  I think I took all of her advice on board by the end!


Great work Ettie, and many thanks for your help."

Eoin Oliver

Owner, Square Balloon Ltd.

"Ettie joined the HomeTouch team as a freelance copywriter on an on-going basis, creating content to raise our brand profile and increase our organic web traffic. Since she joined we’ve seen our organic traffic increase and as a result also our conversions. 

Ettie grasped our voice and personality immediately, which was refreshing, and she’s always been quick to give advice as well as to accept and implement feedback. She responds quickly to correspondence and is not afraid to ask questions or voice her own opinion. 

As a start-up her work ethic and creative mind has made a huge difference to us – we need someone who wants to get involved and is eager to contribute. She has worked to tight deadlines and clearly researched the sector in great detail. I’ve got absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ettie."

Oliver Scanlon

Head of Marketing, Growth & Online, HomeTouch

"We first started working with Ettie in March and since then she’s written tens of articles for us on a broad range of topics, mostly marketing related but some completely out of left field… 

She’s someone we go to ad hoc, when we need high-quality content creating quickly. She’s always responded promptly and always returns work in good time and to a very high standard. I’ve often gone to her needing something on a tight turnaround and she’s always worked hard to accommodate, even when it’s meant moving other things around. 

Ettie’s someone I trust to deliver – she’s reliable, a versatile writer with a strong voice, and easy to work with to boot. Definitely recommend!"

Barrie Smith

Digital Marketing Consultant, Receptional

"Hire Ettie! You won't regret it! Ettie is so committed, professional, full of really helpful ideas as well as being highly articulate and literate. She truly is a wordsmith.


I wanted to update the copy on my website to come across as professional, yet still sounding like me. My own writing didn't 'cut it', nor did it comply with SEO so I felt I needed professional help. I considered quite a few people but Ettie and I got on well immediately.  I liked her energy and practical approach, and I felt that she 'got me’. She didn’t depersonalise my work or personality, which is of great importance to me. 


From the beginning she really listened and didn’t rush me or push me, but got all her points across clearly and succinctly in a way which made perfect sense.  Working with a copywriter was a learning curve for me, and it was a pleasure to work with Ettie in a completely non-judgemental way. I felt like she built on and improved my own ideas and she never made me feel inept! 


I feel much more confident about my public profile now, and I’m much more aware myself of the importance of good writing; from web content to social media posts. I’ll definitely continue working with Ettie on future projects!"

Vinilla Burnham

Costume Designer, Speaker & Consultant

"I came across Ettie because I needed content for my new company website, and I liked the ‘personable yet professional’ nature she presented from the offset. She also had experience in finance which I felt would be really helpful, given that we’re an accountancy brand.


She instantly understood me, my business, my industry and my situation as a startup and that was very important to me. Ettie’s communication and professionalism was evident from the very start, as we had multiple meetings to really drill down on the brief and evolve ideas together. I liked that there was a good amount of back and forth, to ensure that we were on the right track and to sense-check the tone, which was great. 


In the end, Ettie provided informative, relevant copy that had a voice that was completely in-line with my brand. She created an accountancy business website that feels different from the norm, offering all the information needed to give potential clients confidence about what we do whilst speaking to them in a casual, friendly and simple tone that sets us apart from the competition. 


Reasonably priced too, which always helps! An excellent experience."

Ryan Morton

Senior Account Manager, One Abacus

"Ettie has turned out to be one of my trusted writers, because she’s very dependable and consistently delivers high quality articles as per schedule. We wanted to make a long-term investment to position RecruitEze as a Thought Leader, and we’re now starting to see the results. Our articles are now coming up in search and we’re building a good readership, helping increase our brand value and paying long-term traffic dividends. Good work, Ettie."

Murali Takalpati

Founder, RecruitEze

"I hired Ettie to help me put GreatFind Recruitment’s story and my personal journey into words, and she did wonders. I’ve had a number of client referrals from my website now and great feedback from industry professionals. She understood the competitive landscape, my business model and me – she’s a careful listener and extremely patient. Hire Ettie immediately, it’s a pleasure working with her."

Ravi Patel

Founder & Director, Great Find Recruitment

"Ettie has produced several articles and white-papers for LearnSignal. Her preparation and attention to detail has always been excellent. It is always a pleasure to work with someone who exceeds expectations."

Phillip Meagher

Co-Founder, LearnSignal

"Ettie was one of the first freelance writers we hired and she quickly established herself as the sole writer on a key client, before branching out and providing support for a variety of our other clients. This speaks volumes.

Ettie is a writer who is very adaptable when writing across a variety of business sectors, can deliver pristine copy, and understands the importance of solid research - vital for content marketing.

She’s fast in returning emails and can adapt quickly when there are last-minute changes which can’t be avoided.

For any agency, or any client, she’s the ideal writer as you know once she has received the brief, you can move to your next task, safe in the knowledge that the work will return on deadline, and to a standard that impresses the client."

Kris Evans

Creative Director, Silx Digital

"We run a professional translators' marketplace operating in the Spanish-speaking market. Now we wanted to expand our operations into the UK market by optimizing lead capture and retention to get more English-speaking customers to request quotations. 


Our company is still at an early stage, and hiring someone was a big decision because we have a limited budget for international expansion. Ettie really understood that, and put herself in our shoes. We felt she always went the extra mile to make us feel comfortable and happy – and provide impressive results! 


We wanted to focus on audiences that may be interested in translating documents from Spanish to English or the other way around. Ettie created a content strategy to do this, as well as a guest post campaign targeting relevant blogs on exports. She also optimised our English website and our e-book, and created a nurturing email sequence for new leads. 


We found Ettie was very professional, and it was very easy to work with her. We’ll be happy to count on her again. Highly recommended. Many thanks Ettie!"

Lourdes Yagüe Lobo & Marián Amigueti Camerino

Co-Founders, HelloTranslator

I’d worked with Ettie before with a client of mine and was impressed, so no reservations hiring her when I needed an expert copywriter for my own website. The experience was great. I felt she was a real partner in my venture. She wasn’t afraid to share her opinions, and also took my own opinions on board.


I’ve been really impressed with her work, and attention to detail, and since completing I’ve noticed an increase in enquiries. The best recommendation I can give is that I always recommend Ettie to my own clients when they need a copywriter! Ettie is brilliant. She knows what she’s doing and is very easy to work with.

Drijen Shah

Founder, Drijen Designs

"Ettie gets B2B like few writers do – and she brings real swagger to it. One of the best writers I’ve worked with. She’s fast, professional and super helpful."

Harendra Kapur

Head of Writing, Velocity Partners

"Ettie masters the art of writing B2B sales email that gets responses."

Nicolas Woirhaye

Co-Founder, IKO System

"When I first contacted Ettie I recognised a kindred spirit. She's very imaginative yet focused and logical, highly expressive yet controlled, very hardworking and refreshingly relaxed. 


I realised, very quickly, that she's also a highly talented and exceptional wordsmith, with an enviable depth and range of language, extremely high standards, and an inquisitive and hard-to-please mind. 


She's also fantastic at mentoring and guiding other writers, and a very safe pair of hands with our clients. No one else is allowed to use her!"

Craig McGregor

Head of Client and Commercial Services, ContentETC

"Over the previous couple of years we had been trying to find a solution to our lack of good content – we came across Ettie and she impressed from day one. After an initial trial with an e-marketing campaign, Ettie’s skills to understand a product and the audience shone through and she moved onto helping us with our website re-build, brochure content and overall content strategy. Ettie works hard, takes on board our experience in the market and then comes up with engaging content.


We have been really pleased with Ettie, would highly recommend her and will continue to work with her in the future."

Simon Clark

Director of Finance, 360 GSP Training and Recruitment 


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